Sunday, December 10

Barpak In Gorkha Is Underrated As A Tourism Destination. These Photos Are The Evidence

Yellow paddy, clear skies and warm people: Gorkha welcomed me warmly this autumn. The weather was great as was the food. I like the pace at which the village life moves and that is what took me to my home – Rana Gaun.

I like living in Kathmandu. But, there is something special about coming back home especially during the autumn. The mountains usually open up, the fields are painted in a yellow hue and there is a fresh breeze around. Not many people go to Gorkha, but I firmly believe they should as there are so many underrated places in the district. One of them is Barpak.

Many people know Barpak due to the 2015 earthquake as it was the epicentre. The earthquake did a lot of damage to the village. Many died as most of its traditional houses were reduced to rubble.

But, that was six years ago.

Things are getting a lot better. The reconstruction drive that took place in the village has been positive, but it needs support from local tourists.

That is what took me to Barpak. I had been there before, but I wanted to see what had changed. So with a friend, I embarked on the journey to Barpak and its surrounding.

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