Monday, August 8


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15-Year-Old Dog Cries At Shelter When Her Owners Leave Her Behind To Bring Home A Younger Pup

A 15-year-old dog named Cookie has broken the internet’s heart when her family abandoned her at a shelter and walked away with a younger dog. This story sparked outrage online and we really can’t understand how people think. Why could they abandon their beloved pet, who loves them with all their heart?Cookie and his friend, a 1-year-old Lad were rescued from the streets of Sаn Bеrnаrdino after being left by their family. However, when the family arrived to claim two dogs, they chose to only take back the young Lab. For some reason, her owners dеcidеd to walk out with а nеw blаck Lаbrаdor pup аnd lеft their poor senior puppy Cookiе bеhind, despite her persistent cries. Shе didn’t undеrstаnd whаt wаs hаppеning and it was a heartbreaking scene.Because of her age and condition, Cookie should...
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Rare Baby Zebra Was Born With Spots Instead Of stripes

The most wonderful things about zebra you most probably know is their black and white stripes body color which leaves us amazing. But recently baby zebra was spotted in Kenya with an extremely rare polka dot that captures the attention and hearts of many people. An incredibly rare zebra was born with spots instead of stripes. Wildlife Photographer Frank Liu managed to capture some adorable photos of the baby zebra in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve. Every zebra has unique stripes, just like every human has a unique set of fingerprints but Liu told that it could be the first zebra foal in the Masai Mara area to have this unique coloring. Genetic mutation is very rare. But in the case of baby zebra, black with white spots are present instead of white with bl...
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Mosque Invites Stray Cats and Kittens Inside for Warmth and Shelter

Istanbul, Turkey, is well known for its large stray cat population as they roam freely in the city’s streets. Turkey’s winters can get very cold and often times too cold for the little fur baby kitties. Imam Mustafa Efe may be known for leading prayers in his Istanbul-based mosque, but there’s something else the world’s now learning about him: he’s a devoted animal lover. Imam Efe opened his mosque’s doors to the many stray cats and kittens that roam Istanbul’s streets. He hopes the feline “guests” (as he calls them) can find warmth and safety in his mosque.Many strays even choose to sit in on Imam Efe’s sermons, possibly as a sign of respect for the man who’s given them a home. Istanbul, Turkey, is known for its huge stray cat population. These cats roam the city’s streets...
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Meet The Puppy Who Sleeps On His Back Like A Human

Puppies are naturally cute and adorable. We have seen plenty of videos and pictures online of these cute little munchkins that definitely made our day. But when it comes to the battle of cuteness, no puppy can beat this Shih Tzu. This will definitely take home the grand prize just by being funny with its sleeping position! This is Paningning and she was just born recently. Paningning is the puppy of Baobei, Janess Cua’s dog. All of her other pups are healthy aside from Paningning who seemed to be unusual. She was the last litter to be born. Paningning and her family are from the Philippines. The pup became an instant celebrity when Cua posted a photo of Paningning who was lying down on a very unique position to the Dog Lovers Philippines page. Everyone on this Facebo...