Sunday, December 10

Cute Cat Finds A Lost Kitten And Welcomes Her To His Beloved House

Nelly, Gilbert and Nala are three cute cats who live with humans in Copenhagen, the most populous city in the Danish capital. Although they were not born of the same mother, they consider themselves sisters and siblings of a family. They really love each other.
Initially, the family cat had only two members: Gilbert and his sister Nelly. Then they welcomed Nala into their beloved home. It all started one day when Gilbert went out with his father. While happily living next to his father, he found a little stray kitten in the bushes.
They waited, but the kitten’s mother did not come and they took her home. Gilbert and his father decided to name their cute kitten Nala. Gilbert is the best older brother, so he does everything he can to make Nala feel safe and comfortable in her new home.
But her sister Nelly didn’t like the new cat. Nelly was a tough cat who didn’t want to make friends with her. But Nala never gave up and she wanted to befriend Nelly. Then one day, it finally happened. Nelly started liking Nala.
Nelly hates Nala, but now they’re totally in love. Three cats do everything together. They are so happy and grateful to be reunited, form a family and become best animal friends

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