Sunday, December 10

Horse And Dog Seems To Love Snow Above All Else

In mid-December, with a few days until the official winter, snow still covers many countries of the world, and everyone is very excited, especially toddlers. As you know, thick snow provides the best conditions for skijoring. This is a favorite for many riders and is probably the most enjoyable activity.

Skiing may be interesting, but only horse enthusiasts know it’s not as great as skijoring. But we are not only keen on snowy days and all the great winter activities. Apparently, in the video below, this amazing duo only likes to play together in the snow. Horse and dog seem to have a very special friendship. I’ve never seen a couple that hasn’t melted our hearts, and despite their size differences, they love to play together.

And when can you release steam better in the snow than in winter? Partico and Loki look like they’re exploding, but who can forget the hilarious dogs who love to guide their friends? It was natural for Rita, a horse, to find a dog lover as well. She sees her chasing her dog Baru. No one seems tired of his game. At first glance, it seems a bit strange that a big beautiful horse is chasing this puppy and sprinting in the snow.

I’m really looking forward to this season and I’m sure there are a lot of other animal pairs that can’t get away from the snow, but I rarely find a duo like this. If you have a nice video of an animal like the one below, share it with the community.

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