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iPhone Wont Turn Off – Why and How to Fix it

Many would argue that the iPhone is better than the Android due to a secure ecosystem, good hardware, design, and more. However, minor and common problems, like the iPhone screen lagging or freezing and not turning off, can make the user experience feel compromised.

For such an error, there can be multiple scenarios. Is your entire touchscreen frozen and unresponsive to the power button? Or is your touchscreen working just fine, but only the power button is not working? Or is your phone lagging and stops turning off only sometimes?

Not only does this error make up for an uncomfortable experience, but the lengthy screen time can also be taxing on the battery health. To fix this, we’ve got a comprehensive article below on why your iPhone is not turning off, along with effective solutions.

Why My iPhone Won’t Turn Off?
Usually, when your iPhone is not turning off, the first indication refers to problems with the software. If not, there can also be hardware-related issues. Now, let’s take a look at all the possible reasons:
Corrupted files or bugs in the software
Touchscreen is broken
The Sleep/Wake button is not working.
Changes in the settings
Potential malware

How to Fix iPhone Not Turning Off?
Before we move on to other solutions, let’s check the settings on your iPhone first. If the Auto-Lock feature on your phone is set to Never, your phone screen will stay turned on. So, this reason could be responsible if you’re using your iPhone hands-free and the screen won’t turn off on its own.

You can turn off this feature by going to Settings > Display & Brightness. Tap on Auto-Lock and select any duration other than Never.

However, if your iPhone is not turning off due to possible software-related issues, you can refer to these solutions:

Hard Reset iPhone
f the usual way of turning off your phone using the Power button is not working, it’s time to try hard resetting it. This is because force restarting the iPhone pretty much always works even when the iPhone is severely lagging. Here’s how you can perform a force restart on your iPhone:

For iPhone 8 or Above

Press and let go of volume up button.
Again, press and let go of volume down button.
Hold down Sleep/Wake button until there’s an Apple logo displayed on your phone screen.

For iPhone 7

Hold down Sleep/Wake button. Now, hold down volume down button. Keep doing this until you can notice Apple logo displayed on your phone screen.

For iPhone 6s or iPhone SE (1st Gen)

Hold down Home button. Then, hold down power button until you can view Apple logo displayed on your phone screen.

Update iOS via iTunes
Since the iPhone not turning off error is also linked with software-related issues, updating the iOS can be an effective fix. We can safely update the software using the iTunes app. Here are easy steps on how you can do it:

Connect your iPhone to your PC and launch iTunes.
Click on the Device icon.
Go to Summary.
Click on the Check for Update option.
Select the Update button if there are any updates available.

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