Sunday, December 10

Majestic Lion Squatting To Meet His Cub For The First Time

In general, a lion is not getting well with its new born offspring. However, the male in the adorable scene below is eager to meet his baby for the first time. The beautiful video was filmed at the Denver Zoo and then uploaded to Facebook and melted the hearts of the whole internet!
The 12lb baby lion was born on July 31st at the zoo, and the cub has only been with his mother ever since. So the zoo staff decided it was time for the latest members to meet his family. And the moment he finally met his two-year-old father, was winning the internet. According to Denver Zoo officials, the little lion is soon ready for his first public appearance.
“He’s spent the last months bonding with his mom, dad and step-sister backstage at Predator Ridge at the Denver Zoo, and will soon be making his public debut in one of the outdoor habitats,” Jake Kubié, Director of Communications at the Denver Zoo told Bored Panda. “He is everything one would expect from a cub: playful, curious and energetic!”
The little one’s parents, Neliah and Tobias are well known to the people of Denver, but he has no name yet. That’s why the zoo is seeking help with the name from fans. According to Bored Panda, the options are: Meru, the name of the mountain in Tanzania, Moremi, the name of the game reserve in Botswana, and Tatu, the Swahili word for the number three (the cub is the third lioness baby). The zoo encourages everyone to vote and to donate $1 for the three finalists.

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