Tuesday, September 26

Man Who Has A Habit Of Secretly Feeding Hundreds Of Stray Cats Every Night And Avoiding Angry Locals

This animal lover works in the dark and feeds 250 stray cats every night. Glen Benezio moved to Puerto Rico 11 years ago and was immediately impressed by the hundreds of strays scattered on the streets, so he has taken care of them for the past decade.

With donations from animal lovers and his own money, he wakes up at 10 pm every night and spends a couple of hours preparing food and water for the route through Santurus, Puerto Rico. Ready daily between 5am and 7am.
Many angry locals screamed and harassed him, so he was forced to leave at night to avoid meeting these people. But he always accompanied the police at night. Venezio said he couldn’t continue ignoring what he saw. What a wonderful person!

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