Monday, June 5

Man Who Survived Flood And Saved A Drowning Cat

It’s always exciting to see how people do everything to save the lives of animals. Like a man who recently resisted the flood to prevent the cat from drowning-and helped it to find a new home.

Skip Campbell of Cottage Park in Sacramento, California, was at home when his wife found a creature in need in her backyard.

“My wife heard a faint sound,” Skip told KTXL. She “looked and saw the little head swaying.”

The head belonged to a kitten that was swept away by the flood and struggled to float.

So he did something exciting when he saw a desperate cat in need of help. He stepped into waist-high sea to save it.

The flow was strong, but Skip carefully proceeded through the water. He reached out to the kitten who thanked him for his help.

“I guess I was just lucky when I got out, guessing where it was,” Skip told ABC 10.

“[Kitten] was really tired. It didn’t fight at all. I think it was ready to be saved.”

Skip and his wife took the kitten inside and dried it. The cat was a little scared and frightened by the trials, but otherwise unharmed.

The couple told CBS Sacramento that they suspected that the cat was part of the wild trash and was washed away by the tide.

Nevertheless, the cat took a very calm attitude and soon became warm to the couple. And it doesn’t seem really wild, “Skip told KTXL. “It looks really calm. It has beautiful green eyes.”

They saved cats in the past, so they even considered adopting it for themselves. However, they are already busy with their cats and decided that it would be better to be with someone else.

Fortunately, their neighbor showed interest and Skip told ABC 10 that the cat was adopted. This gives this poor cat a very happy ending.

He also said they picked up a few apt names for the kitten, including:
“Floating”, “Cyclone”, “Titan” and “Bob”.

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