Saturday, December 9

Meet The Puppy Who Sleeps On His Back Like A Human

Puppies are naturally cute and adorable. We have seen plenty of videos and pictures online of these cute little munchkins that definitely made our day. But when it comes to the battle of cuteness, no puppy can beat this Shih Tzu. This will definitely take home the grand prize just by being funny with its sleeping position!

This is Paningning and she was just born recently.

Paningning is the puppy of Baobei, Janess Cua’s dog. All of her other pups are healthy aside from Paningning who seemed to be unusual. She was the last litter to be born. Paningning and her family are from the Philippines. The pup became an instant celebrity when Cua posted a photo of Paningning who was lying down on a very unique position to the Dog Lovers Philippines page.

Everyone on this Facebook page instantly fell in love with the pup. She was sleeping comfortably in this strange pose. Paningning gained thousands of likes and became viral. This is when Cua decided to start an Instagram page for her cute pup.

Janess shared different photos of her pup in this strange position, only to prove that this is not a one-off. That this is how her pup sleeps every time. According to Janess, she has never seen her dog sleep in different positions.

Petbarn explains that dogs who lie in the position are trying to regulate their body temperature. They are letting their bellies up in the air for their body temperature to regulate while they are asleep. Nobody knows if this is the case for Paningning, or if this is just the position where she finds too comfortable for sleeping.

It didn’t take a while for Paningning to become one of the country’s favorite dog. She now has over 101,000 followers!

Paningning also lives with her siblings and mom. They would play all day and when she gets tired or wants to take a nap, she would lie flat on her back and go back to dreamland. Aside from her strange sleeping position, she also has some strange features that make her special. She is the only pup in Baobei’s litters to have a three-colored fur.

It might look uncomfortable but for this pup, and according to her owner, this is now her favorite sleeping position. She is a very active pup. She loves playing with her owners and is very friendly towards other dogs and strangers. She is happy with her family and her home where she can have lots of fun.

Thanks to Cua Baobei was able to stay with her pups. Baobei has a big family but thankfully, there’s enough room at home for everyone to live a happy life. Now, Paningning and her human mom are making money out of her popularity.

They are selling merchandise online for Paningning’s fans not only in the Philippines, but even worldwide. Fans are buying the unusual happy shirt that of course, shows off Paningning’s very unique sleeping position.

She also appeared on some Instagram posts for dog products. For some dog owners who want their dogs to model, they might be having trouble getting their pup into position, but not Paningning. Her owner just waits for her pup to sleep, place the product around her, and take pictures for the endorsement. Definitely an easy way to make money!

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