Saturday, December 9

Minister Peci signed the Administrative Instruction for companion animals

The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, Faton Peci, signed today the Administrative Instruction on the conditions and technical requirements that must be met by companion animal shelters.

This legal act that defines the conditions for municipalities on how they should treat companion animals.

Minister Peci, as it was announced in the communique, said that they aim to create safe environments for children and citizens on the streets and at the same time take care of the welfare of stray animals in accordance with the best international practices.

“UA for the conditions and technical requirements that must be met by companion animal shelters, among others, regulates the following areas of action: Creation of a program for the control of stray dogs, the organization of the animal shelter that will support the implementation of local plans to control the population of dogs and cats, providing a safe location for the disposal of dead animal bodies from the Municipalities throughout the territory of the Republic of Kosovo. Through this Administrative Instruction, the actions and behaviors towards stray dogs are determined in detail from the moment of capture, isolation, treatment, castration, sterilization, post-operative phase, socialization, adoption and release”, emphasized Peci.

The administrative instruction in question clearly defines the conditions under which dogs and cats will be treated; separate premises for each stage, suitable with a high level of hygiene.

These shelters will be open to citizens, who will have the opportunity to visit them and at the same time adopt dogs or cats. Also, in the function of these shelters, the instruction also foresees guardianship, where citizens can have access at any time and hour to report any eventuality.

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