Sunday, December 10

Newborn Chimp Rejected By His Mother Cuddles Plush Monkey And Sees It As Real Mom

Well, mothers occasionally leave their offspring. And Djibril the baby chimpanzee is unlucky to be left alone several hours after he was born. But what else is more important to a child rather than its mother’s love?

The mom chimpanzee, Kila, lacked maternal skills and abandoned Djibril at a zoo in Malaga, Spain. He instead found comfort in a plush monkey that zookeepers made for him to provide him with something they could never provide.”

The story of the orphaned animal soon became famous on the Internet. It has warmed thousands of hearts.

Keepers hoped to find an adoptive mom who could raise Djibril as her own. During that time, they had to stand-in parents taking care of the newborn.

He was grateful for the keepers, but the baby chimp knew they weren’t able to give him the things he truly needed. He loved to stay beside his cuddly toy monkey because it could remind him of his mother and make him feel like mom was staying with him.

Djibril was finally taken to his new mother, Eva, thanks to the help of BIOPARK Valencia, an animal park that provides animals good care and comfort with conditions near to their natural habitat. The park was also happy to keep the two chimpanzees there.

Eva, despite having never had any motherhood experience, still wanted to protect and care for Djibril. The two formed an instant connection with each other from the first time they met.

Now, one year since his adoption, Djibril totally enjoys his new family. That’s the thing all of us wish for him. Thank all people and organizations for helping the baby chimpanzee and bringing him a better future.

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