Tuesday, November 28

Provoked the Albanians, Vesa Luma was harsh towards Zhak: Take Cece with you and bring her to Himare

The statement of Zhaklina Lekatar while visiting Serbia has evoked many reactions.

A harsh reaction has also come from Vesa Luma, writes lajmi.net.

Vesa, who reposted the photo of Zhaklina from Serbia on Instagram, wrote with irony.

“Zhaku stays there and don’t forget, take Cece with you and bring her to Himare,” wrote the singer from Kosovo.

Then she also published a photo with her husband, the rapper Big Basta, where they are seen hugging.

“Here’s another greeting for Zhak and the other Zhaklinas (thankfully there are very few) who die for provocations bought from the “scenarios” of people without ideas, culture and identity. Get up, Big Basta, let’s make some 7 or 8 small Lianas”. /Lajmi.net/


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