Tuesday, November 28

The Little Lion Cub Does His Best To Roar

Lions are arguably one of the wildest and most powerful animals in the world. I must be afraid of all other wild animals (and even zoos). And one of the main reasons lions are so intimidating is the sound they make. Nothing can match the roar of a lion, right? Even if this lion is behind the partition, your heart will be blown away when you hear this roar. That said, lions aren’t born with that roar!

They have to work for that, but the instinct is certainly there. And if the video below is a real clue, Lions will begin practicing their mighty roar very early on. The adorable little lion cub in the clip has already begun channeling his inner Lion King in an attempt to make a terrifying roar.

But he’s only a few months old, so I don’t know what to do. He still has a long way to go to complete the roar, but sooner or later he will definitely find it. Until then, you can enjoy its superb cuteness. It’s hard to believe that this little fur ball turns into a wild lion, right?

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