Tuesday, September 26

The new mayor of Zveçan, Ilir Peci, is sworn in

Today, in a solemn session at the local offices in the village of Çaber in Zubin Potok, the new mayor of this municipality, Izmir Zeqiri, was sworn in.

But besides Izmir Zeqiri, the new Mayor of Zveçan, Ilir Peci, was also sworn in today.

Peci’s swearing-in session is being held at the “Isa Boletini” lower secondary elementary school. In the spaces where the session is being held, only cameramen are allowed.

It has also been announced that after the oath, Ilir Peci will speak to the media in the courtyard of the tower of Isa Boletini.

Peci was a PDK candidate in the April 23 elections, in which he emerged as the winner.

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