Tuesday, September 26

The Owner Has Built An Elevator For His Senior Cat So It Doesn’t Need To Climb Stairs.

As your pet grows older, it can become more difficult for your pet to move. Fortunately, many owners do everything they can to help their pets enjoy their lives to the fullest.

And sometimes people give it all and come up with a very creative way to help their aging pets through the dusk-from custom lamps to mobile beds for the beach.

But one YouTuber went a step further and built his own elevator to ease the life of his beloved older cat.

Liam Thompson is a YouTuber in New Zealand. His channel has 1.86 million subscribers, and he boasts that “he’s doing stupid things with his camera.” Many videos show how he built rare homemade inventions such as “Robot Butler” and “Cardboard Submarine”.

But Liam’s latest video shows that he’s building something for a heartwarming purpose: an elevator for his aged cat.

The cat’s name is Frodo, but Liam says he’s closer to Gandalf in old age. Cats are almost 20 years old and are very old in their age.

His age made it very difficult to move, but Frodo still goes down the stairs every day to reach the backyard deck where he is in the sun.

To make Frodo easier to move around, Liam decided to build an elevator that would move him up and down the stairs.

The project includes a cat-sized cart that can slide up and down on rails like a roller coaster. The video shows Liam working on a construction project, building and testing an elevator from scratch.

According to Liam, the test run was “surprisingly successful,” he confirmed that the truck was safe and spent the next few days painting it in a more attractive way.

Let’s finally put Frodo on. “Are you ready to go downstairs without moving your muscles?” Liam asks his confused cat.

Everything works perfectly. The elevator gently lowers Frodo from the stairs and the cat drives to his favorite sunbathing spot. It may be a little confusing, but there is no doubt that you are happy with the simple elevator.

After 10 minutes, the cat returns to the elevator and back upstairs.

The YouTuber added, “I’m completely out of my mind right now,” adding, “Today is the greatest day of [his] life.”

The soulful video went viral with over 800,000 views in just a few days.

Frodo, like Liam’s other pets, appears frequently in his videos. Other projects have been created to meet the needs of aging cats.

In a video from last December, Liam made a train for his cat because he “hates walking”. It’s slightly less fluid than his elevator, but the train is still driving Frodo around the house. And the cat seems to enjoy the ride:


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